1. Each family receives a 5-day supply of food per visit for each member of the family regardless of family size. 
  2. Clients are eligible every 30 days for food. 
  3. Close to 4,000 households were served in FY 2021-22 representing almost 8,000 adults and over 3,000 children. 
  4. The number of handicapped individuals served has almost tripled since 1998. 
  5. The majority of families/individuals are either White or Hispanic. 
  6. The majority of families/individuals come from City of Lowell while others come from the surrounding towns of Dracut, Billerica, Chelmsford and Tewksbury (15 communities in all). 
  7. Volunteers work over 10,000 hours combined in a given year. 
  8. Over 400,000 pounds of food as well as thousands of pieces of clothing, coats, personal care products, and household items are distributed annually.