our process

You call 978-454-7445 the day you'd like to pick up food. When you come in, you take a number from the wall next to the front door. The volunteers at the intake desks call the numbers. You can have a seat in the waiting area while you wait for your number to be called. You may also look at the clothes, books, and other items that have been donated. You may take two plastic grocery bags of items. 

When it's your turn, you show the volunteer at the desk your documentation (Social Security cards for everyone and proof of residence for anyone over 18 years of age). The volunteer goes through your file with you and updates any information. If you are new, they fill out a client file with you. Then they ask if you would like any of the special items that are available. They also ask if there are any special needs or allergies.

After you're done at the desk, you can have a seat in our waiting area. The volunteers on the line fill your order. When your order is ready, a volunteer calls your name. You need to show them photo ID to receive the order. Your order is on a cart that you may take outside to a vehicle, we just ask you to return the cart when you're finished.